Almond LCHF Pancakes

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A couple of days ago someone shared this awesome recipe for almond LCHF pancakes with me and I absolutely love them! I have made them 2 times now and the first time I made cinnamon-almond pancakes and the second time I made half cinnamon-almond and half chocolate-cinnamon-almond pancakes and they all tasted so nice I had to physically stop myself from eating it by stepping away! Haha! I have made a couple of changes to the recipe because of lack of ingredients and due to availability. So I used butter instead of coconut oil and I didn’t have packets of stevia so I used truvia. Which is stevia but I bought a 250g packet instead of little packets so here is the recipe for the pancakes! I also didn’t put the water in because I put in 1 tablespoon extra of butter.


1 cup Almond Meal/Flour

2 eggs

3 tablespoons of butter

3/4 teaspoon stevia

1/4 teaspoon salt

Here is the original recipe:  

I found this recipe on


LCHF Websites

Hey Guys

Today I am going to tell you about some amazing and inspiring blogs that make you just want to eat! Haha! These blogs are good because they tell you that LCHF isn’t just veg and meat and just low carb savoury food, it’s about having the same satisfication when you eat but you feel better about yourself! I have a bit of a list of websites that I have looked at and thought wow I want to try these things and as I said they inspired me to find recipes to satisfy my sweet food cravings! On the fist blog I am going to list I found a top 10 pumpkin recipes. Some aren’t LCHF but you just look at some and see what you want to try. I haven’t tried any of these recipes except the lemon cheesecake on Ditch the carbs. I hope you really wnjoy these and that you are inspired to try new things that satisfy your sweet cravings! 

Here they are: (not in any order)

Low Carb High Fat Recieps:

All Day I Dream About Food:

Beauty And The Foodie:

Ditch The Carbs: 

I Quit Sugar:

My Big Fat Low Carb Life:


LCHF Lemon Cheesecake

Hey Guys

I found a LCHF lemon cheesecake on a website called Ditch The Carbs! It is a really good website that has heaps of LCHF recipes! Here is the recipe for the one that I found and go check out this blog it’s got really cool recipes and ideas! 

Happy Blogging!



Hey Guys

Well today I am going to tell you about something that I was told about running! Well all over the world people run. Some run for fun others for competition and even some for special causes like fighting cancer ect. But I have found a thing called parkrun. Parkrun a are held all over the world and they are just 5km easy slow at your own pace and all you have to do is register online and print your barcode that you are given when you register. You can register for one country but you can run all over the world. I found this very cool because I am travelling at the moment so I can run wherever I want anyway but sometimes I am at a place where the run is on and I might do it. I have never actually done a parkrun but my first one is on Saturday! I will do a debreaf type thing post after the run and tell you what I thought.  


Lunch Today

Hey Guys

Well today I had to use up some lettuce mix that was in the fridge so I made a really yummy salad! 

I used:




Olive oil



Dried basil

I mixed it all together and it tasted really nice!

I also made a very yummy lemon cheesecake that I found on Ditch the carbs and I loved it! I’m sorry that I didn’t take a pic but it was delicious! 

You can find the recipe here.




Turmeric Veges!

Hey Guys

Today I am going to tell you about a very yummy no sorry delicious vegetable recipe to go with any meat you cook!

So turmeric veg is very nice! It is just oil salt pepper and turmeric mixed together and put onto any veg you like! I usually have cauliflower and broccoli but you can have carrots, whatever you like! And the thing is you never get sick of it! Well I don’t anyway!

Here is the recipe:

A sprinkle of turmeric (or more if you want more)

Salt and pepper to taste

A drizzle of olive oil

As much veg as you want

Mix everything together and put on a tray and bake for about 25-40mins depending on your oven!


Prefect Protein Bread

Hey guys

Well yesterday I tried the perfect protein bread that Flavour Food has on her blog! I made it with honey instead of rice malt syrup and it was super yummy! I had some with avocado and some with just butter! It was really nice. It was kind of sweet but more of a savoury cake loaf. I definitely recommend this recipe and I will try some more things in the future! 

To check out Flavour Food’s blog you should click the link below.